Please join us Wednesday April 26, 2017 at our Annual Meeting held at the Nashua Country Club. 

Guest Speaker will be Marion Stoddart (One of the founders of the Nashua River Watershed Association)

Marion Stoddart is one of the founders of the Nashua River Watershed Association (NRWA).  In the 1960s, Marion first organized the Nashua River Clean-up Committee, a volunteer group whose efforts played a key role in the successful restoration of the Nashua River, which was then one of the ten most polluted rivers in the nation. 

That Clean-up Committee evolved into the NRWA, which was formally founded in 1969.  The river restoration efforts that Marion led have been seen as a national success story, recognized through coverage by the National Geographic and an award-winning children’s book by Lynne Cherry, A River Ran Wild.  The United Nations honored Marion, naming her to the “Global 500 Roll of Honor”, and a documentary film, Work of 1000, was made to tell her story.  Sue Edwards of Pepperell, MA is the producer of that film. 

Marion has continued – with boundless energy -- her multi-faceted work to protect the natural resources of the Nashua River watershed for five decades. Over those five decades, Marion has never lost sight of one of the founding visions and goals of the Nashua River Watershed Association – that the sparkling blue river should have a ribbon of green alongside it;  in other words, a permanently protected, naturally vegetated “greenway.”  Hear from Marion about the importance of increasing the amount of permanently protected greenway along both banks of the Nashua River and its tributaries, and view the short film, “Greenway Heroes,” also produced by Sue Edwards.